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MOSCOW (JTA) -- Nadezhda Gerzhoy splays her jacket and plops down in the middle of the verdant park, taking in the bright blues and whites of Israeli flags fluttering around her. more...

Sale of Jewish Property in Lithuania Thwarted

PRAGUE (JTA) -- A Lithuanian plan to sell a building that once housed the Vilna Ghetto Jewish library was halted by the U.S. Embassy, JTA has learned.
Israel Consulate News

Israeli Consulate News

September 11 - The Jerusalem Posts asks readers: Looking for a wife who will give you at least three children, likely outsmart you, and almost certainly outlive you? According to the latest Central Bureau of Statistics report, based on figures for 2006, Israel is the place to be.
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Address to the Knesset by Shimon Peres on Assuming the Office of President of Israel

I stand here today moved and appreciative of the trust you have placed in me on behalf of our people. Your trust is of value to me, it places a great duty on me, one which I, as President of the State, will carry with reverence and a deep feeling of mission. click here for more
Myths and Facts

Myth and Fact: Should East Jerusalem be part of a Palestinian state?

by Mitchell G. Bard

Before 1865, the entire population of Jerusalem lived behind the Old City walls (what today would be considered part of the eastern part of the city).


Visit the Hadera - Eiron region in Israel

No visit to Caesarea is complete without a stop in the Hadera-Eiron region, including a visit to The K’han Museum and the Central Synagogue of Hadera, one of the cities’ oldest synagogues, which also served as a fort to protect the first settlers from Arab attacks.  For more info, click here.


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   Global Jewish Populations

Source: Sergio DellaPergola, World Jewish Population, 2004, in American Jewish Year Book 2004

Argentina: 185,000

Australia: 101,000

Austria: 9,000

Azerbaijan: 7,200

Bahamas: 300

Belarus: 22,000

Belgium: 31,300

Bolivia: 500

Bosnia-Herzegovina: 500

Botswana: 100

Brazil: 96,800

Bulgaria: 2,200

Canada: 371,000

Chile: 20,800

China: 1,000

Colombia: 3,300

Congo: 100

Costa Rica: 2,500

Croatia: 1,700

Cuba: 600

Czech Republic: 4,000

Denmark: 6,400

Dominican Republic: 100

Ecuador: 900

Egypt: 100

El Salvador: 100

Estonia: 1,700

Ethiopia: 100

Finland: 1,100

France: 496,000

Georgia: 3,800

Germany: 112,000

Gibraltar: 600

Greece: 4,500

Guatemala: 900

Hungary: 50,000

India: 5,100

Iran: 10,900

Ireland: 1,200

Israel: 4,940,000

Italy: 28,800

Jamaica: 300

Japan: 1,000

Kazakhstan: 4,000

Kenya: 400

Kygryzstan: 700

Latvia: 8,900

Lithuania: 3,400

Luxembourg: 600

Macedonia: 100

Mexico: 39,900

Moldova: 5,000

Morocco: 4,000

Namibia: 100

Netherlands: 30,000

Netherlands Antilles: 200

New Zealand: 6,800

Nigeria: 100

Norway: 1,200

Panama: 5,000

Paraguay: 900

Peru: 2,400

Philippines: 100

Poland: 3,300

Portugal: 500

Puerto Rico: 1,500

Romania: 10,500

Russia: 244,000

Serbia-Montenegro: 1,500

Singapore: 300

Slovakia: 2,700

Slovenia: 100

South Africa: 74,000

South Korea: 100

Spain: 12,000

Suriname: 200

Sweden: 15,000

Switzerland: 18,000

Syria: 100

Thailand: 200

Tunisia: 1,200

Turkey: 17,900

Turkmenistan: 400

Ukraine: 89,000

United Kingdom: 299,000

United States: 5,290,000

US Virgin Islands: 300

Uruguay: 19,600

Uzbekistan: 5,200

Venezuela: 15,600

Yemen: 200

Zimbabwe: 500