10 2023

Community Breakfast

10:00AM - 12:00PM  

Crowne Plaza Bell Tower Shops
13051 Bell Tower Drive
Fort Myers, FL

Contact Danielle Bernstein
239-481-4449 ext. 4

$ Cost $ 36.00


Guest speaker : Natasha Lance Rogoff

Natasha Lance Rogoff will share her captivating journey depicted in "Muppets in Moscow." As a young American television producer fluent in Russian, she led a team of American and Russian artists, producers, educators, writers, and puppeteers to create the Russian adaptation of Sesame Street. Amidst the challenges and dangers of post-Soviet Russia, including bombings and the assassination of broadcast partners, Lance Rogoff and her team remained steadfast in their mission to bring laughter, learning, and a new perspective to children in the region.

Her remarkable account skillfully explores the post-Soviet societal tensions and sheds light on Russia's culture and its complex relationship with the West, offering valuable insights that remain relevant to this day.

Moderator: Rachel Cox-Rosen, Wink News.