Lion of Judah


The Lion of Judah program recognize women who make generous individual gifts at the $5,000 level and above to the Jewish Federations Annual Campaign. Lions attend exclusive events such as the international Lion of Judah conference and are encouraged to wear the internationally recognized Lion of Judah pin with pride.


The stunning Lion of Judah pin represents sisterhood and connectedness, leadership and power, and is enhanced further as women continue to increase their giving levels. When you become a Lion, you have a unique opportunity to secure our Jewish future, to forge new opportunities for creative philanthropy, and to influence the global agenda with the Jewish values of compassion and loving kindness.


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The cost of the 14K Lion of Judah pin is dependent upon the current value of gold, and may be purchased by the community or the woman herself, according to community policy.  Each year that a woman sustains or increases her minimum $5,000* gift, she is eligible to have a small diamond set into the pin.  This service is provided by the community or region.  


The right to wear the pin at the appropriate level is contingent upon a woman’s individual contribution to her Federation’s Annual Campaign. 




Lion of Judah- Diamond $5,000*
Ruby Lion of Judah – $10,000
Sapphire Lion of Judah – $18,000
Emerald Lion of Judah – $25,000
Double Chai Lion of Judah – Amethyst Diamond - $36,000
Zahav Lion of Judah – Canary Diamond - $50,000
Sabra Lion of Judah – Cognac Diamond - $75,000
PMC Lion of Judah – White Gold with Black Diamond - $100,000ILR Lion of Judah - White Gold Diamond Pave - $250,000


*Lion of Judah levels may vary by community


Become a Lion of Judah