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Instant Pot Jewish Recipes

Delicious meals in no you can cook your favorite recipes in your Instant Pot.
INSTANT POT SHABBAT!!! East Instant Pot Chicken & Rice Recipe - Shabbat Series Episode 5
This is the best easy and delicious recipe for chicken and rice in an Instapot and it is just perfect for Friday night Shabbat chicken. EXPAND for Recipe I hope you enjoy this fifth episode in my Summer Shabbat series! #Shabbat #Jewish #Instantpot
Instant Pot Jewish Brisket
BEHOLD! The ULTIMATE Jewish dish - BRISKET!  Not only is the flavor beyond your wildest dreams, it’s also SO EASY to make!  My mom has been making this recipe, originally given to her by her friend Helene, for as long as I can remember and I’ve always drooled at the thought of any gathering where this is usually served - especially Passover and Rosh Hashanah!